Aluminium Facades

All products are manufactured to the highest quality and are offered in an extensive colour range to suit your design.

Technological developments have completely changed the function of façades. Whilst until recently the façade only represented a separation between the outside and the inside world, it is now an active module that interacts with external weather conditions. Today façades must perform better with respect to light transparency, ventilation, heat and noise.

Thermal and acoustic insulation are important features in today’s buildings. Our wide range of curtain façade systems, shading systems, windows and doors form an integral part of the building’s energy management and comfort. Ranging from applications in high-rises and shop façades to roof constructions and display windows, our systems were developed and tested to be used in most environments.

Commercial and retail applications, hospitals and schools, apartment buildings, public buildings, industrial projects and hotels are but a number of the sectors in which we have acquired an excellent reputation for service, quality, delivery and technical support.

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