Tilt & Turn Windows


More than simply functional, our windows can be a whole design feature in themselves from style to functionality.

Multi-function tilt and turn windows give you controllable exposure to the elements whilst maintaining all their style and beauty. All of our designs are flexible, versatile and created with today’s busy lifestyles in mind.

Our Tilt and Turn windows and doors offer easy single handle operation that will turn in the window for safe and effortless cleaning, rapid ventilation and even acts as an emergency exit. Windows and doors also tilt in for comfortable and draft-free ventilation. All of Arctic Glass windows and doors feature a Multi-point Locking System that seals out harsh weather and stops intruders making your home safe for your entire family. One main component of any windows is the frame; ours is made of strong uPVC (unplasticized polyacrylate vinyl chloride) with an internal steel core, which makes it stronger and tougher than ordinary PVC, which our competition uses.

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