Solar Thermals

A Solar hot water system could generate all of your hot water requirements in summer and will contribute during the winter. Over the course of the year it could provide around 50% of your hot water.

Our solar hot water systems are simple but highly effective, comprising of panels, known as collectors, that harness energy from light. Because it collects energy from light, rather than heat, the system works not only in the height of summer but also on the coldest of winter days. This light heats up the fluid within the panels and pumps through a cylinder coil; this results in heat being transferred to the water in your hot water tank, saving you energy and money.

Our solar panels are made exclusively, using state of the art German engineering (Germany is the country in Europe where solar installations are most popular).

All components are manufactured to stringent European Standards and put through rigorous quality tests. The cylinders are made to measure to fit your existing pipe-work and the solar coil is specially designed with ‘fins’ for optimum heat transfer. We only use premium quality pumps and advanced multi-function controllers.

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