uPVC Doors

When you’re looking for a new uPVC entrance door for your home, your primary considerations are appearance, security and durability.

Our UPVC residential door options are available in our full profile range. The 2500 Series Chamfered, 2800 Series Decorative and 3000 Series Contemporary all combine a unique appearance with superior performance.


Our UPVC residential doors are designed with the installer in mind. We aim to produce a product that can be adjusted accordingly on site. This will then require no return visits for the installer due to problems such as a door sash catching. We achieve this by using products that adhere to our internal quality standards. These products though not the cheapest when first purchased are the most cost effective when examining the life cycle and more specifically the guaranteed period of the UPVC residential door.

Locking System

Our residential door lock incorporates five locking points, which are made up of; two hook locks, two roller cams and one deadbolt. Adjustment comes with concentric cams and adjustable hook keeps ensuring the product is fitter friendly.


A robust flag hinge which benefits from having all fixing screws penetrating into reinforcement. This significantly decreases the chances of door sashes "dropping" thus saving the installer from having to attend call-outs. Capable of carrying 33kg per hinge and with adjustment in three dimensions, this hinge is available in White, Caramel and Dark Brown.


Energy Efficiency

Utilising the comprehensive support from our supply chain, we are able to perform whole frame U-Value calculations for your PVC based residential door requirements.

PAS 23/24 Security

PAS 23/24 security is achieved with the inclusion of shootbolts to the top and bottom of the door sash and a high security handle eliminating the possibility of bumping, drilling or exposing the cylinder to be snapped.

Secured By Design

To achieve Secured by Design, our UPVC residential doors are manufactured to the PAS 23/24 standard. Normally, the Secured By Design standard requires laminated glass that we confirm through communication with the client and the architectural liaison officer, also known as the Crime Prevention Design Advisor.

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