Twinson Decking Systems

Twinson Composite Decking

Nature is our source of inspiration, technology our mainspring. The warmth of natural materials offers the comfort and security we search for. Technology provides the practical solutions we require.

At Deceuninck, technology is implemented with respect for nature. Twinson is 100% recyclable – as well as being an environmentally friendly alternative to hardwood. While hardwood is available only from the endangered rainforests, Twinson contains pinewood. Pine is a fast-growing tree, cultivated in forests that are being continually replanted. By choosing pine, Twinson contributes to sustainable forest management. Twinson has obtained the PEFC certification which underlines our environmental commitment.

Twinson unites nature and technology. What seem apparent contradictions initially, ultimately combine to create a flexible building material with limitless potential and appeal. Whether you are an environmentally aware nature-lover or a technology buff – or both – Twinson brings together the best from both worlds.

Twinson brings you all the benefits of wood while letting you enjoy the unique properties of PVC at the same time. By combining wood and PVC into a single new base material, Twinson will transform both the appearance and performance of your home.

Twinson is water-resistant, robust and aesthetic… to mention but a few advantages. Twinson has obtained the PEFC certification which underlines our environmental commitment.

Whether applied indoors or outdoors, on floors or walls, with a modern or more traditional architectural design in mind, Twinson offers limitless potential. Possibilities that are set to expand even further, as new products are added to the current range regularly.

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