Lean to Conservatories

The lean-to conservatory is an ideal choice if your home has limited space.

The Lean-to conservatory is the simplest style of conservatory, with clean lines that give it a contemporary look and make them a popular conservatory for modern houses. This conservatory style will be ideal for you if you prefer the simple, understated lines of a sunroom.

Whether your lean-to conservatory is traditional or contemporary, the style is perfect for properties that have restricted space under the eaves, like a bungalow, or have an area that's too awkward to accommodate a conservatory. This is because the pitch of the roof on lean-to conservatories can vary – so a shallow pitch can fit under a low bungalow roof and a steeper one would be ideal for a terraced house.

Also known as a Garden Room or Lean-to, it is a beautifully simple design with a single slanted roof that joins to the house wall. It is understated in appearance, offers refreshingly clean lines and will provide maximum living space on the inside.

Tuck it into a corner, or extend it the whole length of the house. We can make it as straightforward or as elaborate as you like, in just about any shape you can imagine. And that includes a variable roof pitch for a huge choice of looks, from fitting it under the first floor window ledges or right up to the eaves.

A Sun Lounge is the perfect model to incorporate Bi-fold or four-part Patio doors across the front so that you can completely open up your home to your garden.

It works well with bungalows and other single story buildings as long as there is enough headroom where the conservatory meets the house wall and providing there is enough of a slope to drain off rainwater.

As the name suggests, the Sun Lounge is a great space to sit and chill in the heat.

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